송덕기 선생님과 위대태껸을 전승한 고용우선생님


Widae Taekkyeon consists of Taekkyeon's skills, which were taught by Master Ko Yong-woo and Lee Joon-seo, the oldest disciples of the Grand Master Song Deok-gi, the last holder of Taekkyeon.


It's made up of more techniques than we know of the Taekkyeon.


Phwumpapgi – Steps to Create and Use Movements
Gyeonugi – Posturing to freeze and check opponents
Sonjil – a technique for hitting, holding, and pushing with hands (fist, long core)
Baljil – kicking, pushing and walking with feet (foot, leg)
Hwalgaetjit – adding strength to the continuity of stepping and aiming, grooming and treading.
Taejil – To trip or crush an opponent
Sinju – Use your joints to neutralize your opponent.
Gwasi – To tie or solidify an opponent in motion


In addition, detailed techniques and movements will be used to train Taekkyeon by learning many skills for each step.